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Seasoned Air Fryer Garbanzo Beans

This quick and easy snack and salad topper will become a healthy favorite.


1 10-ounce bag Garbanzo Bare Beans

Approximately 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil Spray

3 teaspoons Tajin chili lime seasoning

Spread Garbanzo Bare Beans in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Set the temperature to 390 degrees F and set the timer to 17 minutes. After five minutes, spray the beans with olive oil and shake the basket. Close and continue. After five more minutes, open and shake the basket one more time and continue air frying. With two minutes left (or when the beans are crispy and lightly browned) open the basket and coat the garbanzos with half of the Tajin seasoning. Shake and continue air frying. Once the timer is finished, open the basket and add the remainder of the seasoning. You can experiment with other flavors including seasoned salt, Cajun spices, cinnamon and more. Get creative! Serve and enjoy as a snack or use as a topper on your salad or soup. Photo and recipe courtesy of The Produce Moms.

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