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About Us

Bare Beans Product Line

Our Philosophy

We believe that you should know what is in your food and where your food comes from. That is why we grow only the best beans on our farms in Idaho and produce a product with clean labels. You should decide what gets added to your food, not us.



We promise to grow and source (if necessary) only pesticide free beans for our Bare Beans Products. We promise to farm all of our bean crop without pesticides applied to them.



We encourage you to recycle our package at participating stores. Our package must be clean and dry. IN STORE DROP OFF.



We promise that our Bare Beans Products will never be made with the use of modern biotechnology. We will never use beans or any ingredients that were genetically engineered. Currently, there are no commercially produced or imported GMO-beans in the U.S. Dried beans have been naturally non-gmo for centuries and we plan to keep it that way.

Who We Are

Founder and CEO Michelle Huff created The Bare Beans Company in 2018 with a vision to bring value back to her family's farm. Michelle has been in the fresh produce industry for over 17 years and saw an increasing demand for value-added products. Beans were a natural fit since her husband had been raising them for years. ``I had to analyze what I liked about beans, what I didn't like about beans, and how I could make them better.`` Bare Beans was created out of this. Michelle is a Minnesota native with family roots in North Dakota. She is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and is proud of her Indigenous ancestry. She moved to Idaho in 2003 and married her husband Robert who is a 4th generation farmer. They have two sons who are actively involved in the farm and the Bare Beans Business.